Digital Growth Consultant  |  Think-tank  | Trainer  |  Youtuber  |  CRO, FineLines Publishers  |   Co-Founder, SHE Foundation
I’m ardently committed to growing businesses.

I started my first business at age 16 with a discarded Yashica analog camera that I had to first learn how to fix before I could use it. I thrived, I learned and I saw myself through school with a business that started with nothing.

I know what it is to struggle without any support. I know what it is to fail, feel defeated, and pick myself up again. I learned how to think, plan, and win irrespective of the odds.

Now, I teach young people digital business growth skills to make them better entrepreneurs. I collaborate with CEOs and business leaders as a think-tank to surmount difficult challenges and proffer future growth plans. 

As Seen In

Have you ever wondered if there are rules out there you could follow to grow your business on Social Media? Deep thought like that put me on a path to finding the laws that make Social Media works. The search stops here, with The 10 Commandments of Social Media Business Growth.

Just like in the Bible, the Ten Commandments are a set of laws relating to ethics and worship. Also in business and the world of social media, there are also a set of rules — rules which help set the tone of success, both for individuals and corporate organizations.