The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has shut down a KFC branch at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, in response to a complaint of disability discrimination by Debola Daniel, son of former Ogun State Governor, Gbenga Daniel, on March 27, 2024.

The closure follows Mr Daniel’s social media posts alleging discriminatory treatment at the airport’s KFC outlet. A statement by FAAN cited a violation of the Lagos State Law on People with Special Needs, Part C, Section 55 of General Provisions on Discrimination, which prohibits denying access to a facility based on a person’s disability.

Mr Daniel, who uses a wheelchair, recounted his experience on Twitter, describing it as “the worst sort of public humiliation” he had ever faced. He stated that upon attempting to enter the KFC outlet with his wife and brothers, a manager allegedly declared “no wheelchairs allowed.”

Despite attempts by Mr Daniel’s brother to reason with the manager, she reportedly insisted that wheelchairs were not permitted on the premises.

The incident resulted in a verbal altercation; his wife documented the encounter with video footage while his brothers took pictures. The group eventually left the restaurant and sought alternative accommodations at another lounge.

FAAN responded swiftly to his complaint, and a team was dispatched to investigate the allegations. Based on their findings, the decision was made to shut down the outlet. FAAN has additionally mandated that KFC management formally apologise to Mr Daniel and implement a written policy of non-discrimination to be displayed at the restaurant’s entrance before it is reopened.

In a statement released Thursday morning, KFC Nigeria acknowledged the incident and expressed regret for the “frustration and distress” experienced by Mr Daniel. The company emphasised its commitment to inclusivity and respect and pledged to take immediate action. KFC Nigeria announced plans to implement sensitivity training for all employees and actively explore solutions to ensure a welcoming environment for all customers, including those with disabilities.

The Lagos State Office for Disability Affairs (LASODA) also condemned the incident. It reiterated its commitment to protecting the rights of disabled individuals within the state and encouraged anyone experiencing such discrimination to report the incident to their office.

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