In a heartfelt Easter message, Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, joined Christians across Nigeria in celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ while addressing the nation’s pressing challenges. Emphasising the significance of Easter in the Christian faith, Obi highlighted its message of hope, victory, and renewal.

For us in Nigeria, this very significant celebration holds vital promises of victory over our present myriads of challenges and travails if we do not despair. Our dear nation has continued to stagger under the heavy weight of high insecurity, soaring hunger and poverty, ballooning debts, galloping inflation, and mindless corruption that have permeated every part of our national life. – Obi stated.

Obi acknowledged Nigeria’s myriad challenges, including insecurity, poverty, inflation, debt, and corruption, which continue to burden the nation. He likened the sacrifices of Jesus to the struggles faced by Nigerians, emphasising the need for collective effort and resilience.

Just as Our Lord Jesus, who made very painful sacrifices for the world’s salvation, which today we celebrate His glorious resurrection, we all must continue to labour, in unity, for the good of our nation, knowing that our labours will not be in vain. – Obi remarked.

Drawing parallels between Easter and the Nigerian situation, Obi urged fellow Christians to unite in prayer for divine intervention. He expressed optimism that with concerted human endeavour and divine grace, Nigeria could emerge more robust and prosperous.

In the spirit of Easter, let us come together in prayer, seeking God’s guidance and blessings for our beloved nation.- Obi urged.

He concluded his message by extending warm Easter wishes to all Nigerians, encouraging them to celebrate amidst the trials with hope for a brighter future.

I, therefore, call on all Christians, in the spirit of Easter, to continue to pray for God’s intervention in our dear nation so that even as we labour as humans, for the sake of our country, God will crown our efforts with success, and make the New Nigeria even more possible, beyond our human efforts. I wish everyone a very Happy Easter celebration – Obi concluded.

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