photography by: Eniola Michael

Hey there!

I it’s been a minute since we spoke but I’m glad you’re here and hopefully you stick around for a while lol.

I’m currently writing from the comfort of my bed at home (TMI) because “working remotely” has always been a thing for me and also because I’ve recently just been choosing my own company over anything else and for some reason I consider it quite therapeutic until overthinking the most unnecessary things starts to cloud my mind of course.

I honestly wanted to just write this post to tell you that you’re actually a CHAMP, you’re doing what you need to do and in the right time everything is going to be even better than you imagined it to be. It is true that good is just what it is and GREAT is what we should be looking towards becoming but its also important that you remember to not put too much pressure on yourself, remember to go a little easy on yourself because ‘problem no de finish” and applying unnecessary pressure on yourself might just break you.

It is true that there are circumstances or situations around us that might be the reason we feel pressured but I believe we own the keys to the emotions within us and eventually decide wether we want to feel that pressure or not, while doing this is easier said than done (trust me when I say this) it’s definitely not impossible.

I’m on a journey to being kind and patient with myself, to living and not surviving, to choosing happiness and to conditioning myself for great things and I believe you can do the same thing too but if you already are then I’m extremely proud of you indeed.

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