Let’s face it, a wardrobe malfunction is one of the worst clothing crisis anyone could experience.

From ripped outfits to split pants, many have had their fair share of cringe-worthy wardrobe malfunctions.

Imagine planning your outfit, from fabric selection to fitting plus finishing, and everything is looking great while still in your crib. And then boom, you head out for that important event, and the minute you arrive in the room, something snaps – your pants rip off as you take one stride. OMG!! Chances are, it’s all going down in the public eye.

I’m sure we can all imagine the embarrassment!

However, as bad as they are, wardrobe malfunctions are kind of inevitable, oh yes! In one way or the other, sometimes, our outfits can’t be perfect enough with no single flaw whatsoever. wardrobe malfunctions range from ripped buttons to a faulty sleeve button, to a muffin top from your jeans, to saggy trousers, and many many more – you pick yours 🙂

In this article, we shall be uncovering 7 tricks to cover up with class when faced with a fashion emergency such as a wardrobe malfunction. Your ability to come out of the situation albeit an unlucky moment, truly makes you a pro! So without further ado, let’s jump in!!


7 Tips On How To Cover Up During A Wardrobe Malfunction Like a Pro


#1. Stay Calm – No Pressure

wardrobe malfunction

During times like these, staying calm is the biggest leverage you can give yourself at the moment. Panicking will only cause you to rush into bad decisions, so it’s best that once you notice a wardrobe malfunction, calmness should be your first action.

Cardi B was once faced with a wardrobe malfunction during a performance at Bonnaroothan, back in June 2019. Rather than call it quits, she simply changed into a bathrobe and continued her performance. She handled it like a true professional.


#2. Get Help!wardrobe malfunction

Now when staying calm after experiencing a wardrobe malfunction, you must get help. From whom? you may ask. Well, any smiling face in the house. The help could be in the form of lending spare stuff, probably a jacket or cufflinks, or any clothing or accessory that could cover up the debacle. Or if it’s really that bad, you could just get an Uber ride, and then go home and change.

#3. Style It Out!!


Yes! Yess!! Yesss!!!

So basically if the previous option didn’t exactly pan out as you wanted it to, then you have an option of covering up that wardrobe malfunction and making it about you. You could pull down that shirt, adjust those layers, or throw in some extra layers, all in a bid to hide the error. But while doing so, you’re making your style statement. So yeah, you can turn the situation in your favour.

Let’s say you’ve got a ripped shirt, and you’ve got a sweater, simply take out your sweater and wrap it around your neck to create a style statement – even though, you are simply covering up the clothing crisis.


#4. When Faced With Wardrobe Malfunction – Outerwear Can Come In Handy

Oh yes, 60% of wardrobe malfunctions can be covered by outerwear. I’m talking jackets, coats, trench coats, denim, suits, and so on, basically, anything you can throw on your body that’s easily detachable.

So if your shirt button rips off, or you’ve got oil spilling on your clothes, outerwear can be used to overshadow that wardrobe malfunction and make it seem like it was nothing. So yeah, always carry on an extra “jacket” when in doubt – just in case :).


#5. Dress Up In Layers

A bit related to the above point, but slightly different. Dressing up in layers can save you a lot of trouble during a wardrobe malfunction crisis. Now, for example, a man who wears a dress shirt whose buttons happened to rip off during an event can easily cover up better when wearing a three-piece suit versus if he was wearing a two-piece suit.

Apparently, the man wearing a two-piece suit won’t have the liberty of loosening his suit to avoid showing off the malfunction, but the one all layered up in a three-piece suit can decide to unbutton the suit jacket knowing fully well that a waistcoat is covering up for him. I hope you get my point.


#6. Have An Emergency Kit Nearby

wardrobe malfunction

As cliche as it sounds, putting a little box of needles, threads, buttons and so on, in your bag, can be a lifesaver. Wardrobe malfunctions are inevitable, we just have to come prepared for them and we can only start by carrying an emergency kit, especially for extremely important public events. So yeah, have an emergency intervention kit in your bag just in case!!


#7. Own It And Beat It Out

So this was saved for the last. After all is said and done, if any of the above options don’t work for you – own it and beat it out. Because really, you alone can decide how you want to feel, confidence is key. If it attracts attention, then just put out a brave face, and laugh off the unlucky moment or you could still throw in a joke or two. At the end of the day, no one would even realize you were a victim.

On September 11, 2019 at the Marc Jacob’s New York Fashion Week show, Gigi Hadid’s heel broke just before she hit the runway for the catwalk. The supermodel handled it like a champ and walked with confidence on her tiptoes, making it seem like she still had her heels on.



The above-listed tricks would save you a lot from embarrassment during a wardrobe malfunction crisis. Also to avoid any form of fashion emergency, it is important you do your due diligence and get the right stylist and image consultant to know what works for your body shape to avoid your outfit ripping and tearing.

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Have a good one! Continue to do well, live well and dress really well. Stay classy, always!

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