SkillUp Naija, a pioneering force in nurturing creativity, invention, and innovation, proudly announces its unwavering commitment to uplifting the spirit of ingenuity among Nigerians. With a resolute mission to unearth and amplify exceptional talents in technical, engineering, vocational, and digital skills, SkillUp Naija is changing the landscape of innovation in Nigeria.

SkillUp Naija was founded with a vision to provide a platform for the nation’s passionate minds, paving the way for them to showcase their brilliance on a global stage. Through its dedicated efforts, the organization aims to discover, develop, and unveil remarkable Nigerian talents, enabling them to shine bright in the spheres of creativity and technology.

One of SkillUp Naija’s marquee initiatives is the annual Teens’ Craft Competition, which is taking Nigeria by storm. This competition spans across states, serving as a captivating avenue for young talents to demonstrate their prowess and innovation. SkillUp Naija is proud to have successfully organized several editions of this competition, including the Rivers State Teens’ Craft Competition (RivCraft), the Edo State Teens’ Craft Competition (EdoCraft), and the Delta State Teens’ Craft Competition (DeltaCraft). Currently underway is the much-anticipated Abia State Teens’ Craft Competition (AbiaCraft).

A distinguishing feature of these competitions is the significant recognition and rewards that SkillUp Naija bestows upon winners. The top achievers in each category are presented with monetary prizes – one million naira (N1,000,000) for the star winner who is crowned the state’s teens’ inventor of the year, three hundred thousand naira (300,000) for the 1st runner up, and two hundred thousand naira (200,000) for the 2nd runner up. However, SkillUp Naija’s commitment to fostering lasting change goes beyond the podium. The top 20 gold winners from each competition receive the invaluable opportunity to partake in free skills-to-wealth training and benefit from personalized mentorship support.

The SkillUp Naija’s pioneers, Austin Imoru and Kenneth Otidi, expressed their enthusiasm about the organization’s journey, stating, “Our aim is to ignite the flames of creativity within the hearts of Nigerians, providing them with the tools they need to change the world through their innovative ideas. With every competition, we witness the incredible potential that our nation holds, and it is our privilege to nurture these talents.”

SkillUp Naija’s impact extends beyond the competition floors. The organization is building a robust ecosystem of creativity and innovation, fostering collaborations, and opening doors for young talents to excel in various industries. This endeavour is positioning Nigeria as a hotspot for cutting-edge ideas and groundbreaking solutions. Ultimately, they dream of building a technological hub like that of Dupont in China where creativity can be incubated and nurtured into productivity. Like Peter Obi, the pioneers of SkillUp Naija believe the cleanest way out of Nigeria’s economic woes is through active productivity and exports, and the panacea lies in preparing teenagers to think and act differently.

As SkillUp Naija continues its quest to empower the Nigerian spirit of innovation, it invites partners, sponsors, and all stakeholders to join hands in shaping a brighter future for the nation. Through collective efforts, SkillUp Naija is not just inspiring change – it is catalyzing it.

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About SkillUp Naija:
SkillUp Naija is a pioneering organization dedicated to discovering, nurturing, and showcasing exceptional Nigerian talents in the realms of creativity, invention, and innovation. Through its innovative initiatives like the Teens’ Craft Competition, SkillUp Naija is igniting the spark of innovation across the nation, fostering an ecosystem of collaboration and excellence.