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Earlier this year, Textbroker proudly introduced the release of Transparent.Ai. This complimentary tool is designed to detect the origin of an author’s content, distinguishing between human authorship and that generated by artificial intelligence. 

Concerns about A.I Content 

The goal of this new tool is to weed out potential exploitation of artificial intelligence within the content that is being produced. Our tool meticulously captures the entire content input and issues verifiable certificates to share with clients, publishers, and even educators. 

There is a growing prevalence of one hundred percent AI-generated content being published online, driven by obvious cost considerations and other factors. This trend risks factual accuracy and the dissemination of misinformation. Clearly, AI tools rely on preexisting data, which limits their ability to produce original content. This dependence on existing information can make creating fresh content that incorporates current trends and new ideas challenging.

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Introducing Transparent.Ai 

Transparent.Ai is a web-based tool designed to enhance the visibility of the content creation process and, importantly, the effort involved. The tool logs the input made by human writers, identifies sections that were included through copy and paste, and documents any specific modifications or enhancements made during the content creation process. By issuing a certificate, the platform enables authors to give colleagues and clients an independent seal of quality, promoting transparency in their work. 

As the paradigm shifts, Textbroker acknowledges and endorses the utilization of AI as an additional tool for producing written content. The platform does not impose a blanket prohibition on the use of ChatGPT. Instead, it allows clients to exercise discretion and determine whether AI assistance may be employed for each specific task they seek.

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