Hey hey! So if you follow me on Instagram @kuyetbamai (why don’t you follow me?) then you probably aren’t surprised at the title of today’s blog post because all the interesting juice was on my insta stories and feed. Yes, I attended the GTBANK fashion weekend that held in Lagos over the weekend and guys it was my first time at an actual fashion show ever!!

My attending this fashion weekend was a last minute decision so the stress of trying to put together what to wear wasn’t something I was ready to go through but somehow I eventually got to work with some amazing designers and stylists from Abuja and Lagos which made it a whole lot easier.


I went with the color blue for day 1 with this two piece by Fenshop then paired it with a white T-shirt, white sneakers and a blue hat from a brand called Askfashionistas, the final touch to this ensemble was my rose gold watch from Palmersluxury photography by CassieDaves


Photography by Theninyifagbemi

I didn’t mean to be extra or anything like that but my day 2 came with two different outfits. This first look was custom made under 48 hours (because of my last minute decision) by the amazing fashion designer and stylist Henri Uduku .I love how comfortable this was and the simple detailing on the pockets kept giving me this #yellowoflagos vibes. I styled this with shoes by Yarosox and leather watch by Palmersluxury .

My final look was this gorgeous tuxedo by TI NATHAN , guys it’s still unreal to me but I didn’t just wear TI NATHAN, I was also styled head to toe by Temi Tayo Nathan himself. After trying out 3 different looks which were obviously dope and of course I was confused on which one to choose so Tayo personally decided I go with this one . Seeing that it was a fashion show and not a cocktail dinner party, we decided to go for a black T shirt instead of the conventional oxford shirt and this look really had me looking like I had money just as Tayo intended.

Yeah I was with Cassie Dave’s almost through out the event and she’s actually the reason I went, well at least one of the major reasons lol.

Which of these 3 looks was your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

More stories from fashion weekend coming so stay tuned.

Thank you for reading and until next time. Bye!