I have been kissed before. It wasn’t my first kiss but this was a magical kiss that turned my world around. She wasn’t a beauty queen, though she is the type many men would term sexy. Yeah, she was quite attractive, the type that reminds you of nothing but a passion moment for two. I met her for the first time in a counselling session in which it was my responsibility to interview people in the fellowship to see which one was prepared enough to join in the seminar thrill. 

She made her point clear from the very start that she wasn’t interested in the seminar thrill but in me. I wasn’t very sure at the time because I wasn’t used to that kind of open affront. They were three friends that came into that room that day. The other two were siblings. She wasn’t the most attractive; one of the sisters was from all standard a black queen of beauty. I didn’t care though because I was not having any intention of having any serious relationship at the time. So I only saw them as members of the fellowship who needed counsel.

Little did I know that they came to me in a competitive spirit, looking for whom to get me into a relationship first, even if it were only a casual one. I was oblivious of their plans and this unbearably attractive girl never let any opportunity pass without making use of it. It was later that I found out from her that ladies like young men, do belt over some guys. There was a belt on me. From the counselling, they got to know where I lived. 

At the time I was living under some kind of virginity vows. A declaration I made and have come to believe in. I was determined not to have sexual intercourse with any other except the woman who will be etherized to me by wedding vows. I had developed my own strategies of dislodging any form of seduction or intrusive emotional interest. It wouldn’t be long for any lady trying to get me involved to know that I wasn’t interested in relationships, even if it were a one night stand.

I was determined to keep my vows so I was extra-careful not to allow prowling skimpy-skirt predictors to come too close to me. But this one was different; she didn’t appear to be dangerous, just a friend. So I had no clue what was going to happen. I wasn’t prepared for any surprises. Though she made it very clear that she was attracted to me, I never expected her to act the way she did. The reason was that I was highly respected in the fellowship and many people were even scared to come close to me. So you see, I thought she was one of those who respected and feared me and wouldn’t do anything stupid to make me angry. 

Once accepted as a friend, she was no longer a stranger, so she was given access to my apartment which I shared at the time with a friend of mine. This was one of the measures I took to ensure that I kept my virginity vows. She was free to come in once in a while, but never when I was alone. You see, not many ladies at that time had this close access to me. Hers was different because I didn’t see her as dangerous and I thought I was just being a responsible leader, following up a new fellowship member who lived in my neighbourhood.

On that fateful day, she came quite early. It was about 7:45 AM, when we were preparing to go for lectures. She came in looking as attractive as a smoking well sugar-iced doughnut on a show glass. She was smiling all over and as excited as a man who won a million dollars. I wasn’t expecting anything so I didn’t watch to see that she was wearing a wet glossy lipstick. All I noticed was her sunshine beauty and her excitement. She announced that she came so we can go to the lectures together. 

I felt safe with her in my apartment because my friend and roommate was around. He was late in taking his bath if not she would have missed us. It was at that moment that it happened. Safe, was how I was feeling when my roommate entered the bathroom. I never expected her to do anything funny. She stood up from her chair the moment my roommate stepped into the bathroom and started pacing the floor, while I sat on the bed to arrange the folder I was taking along. 

I thought she was pacing the floor because she thought we were running a little late. Then she asked why I like avoiding her that much. I was surprised, not because of her question but for the serious look on her face. I smiled without answering, wondering what she was up to. I never thought she would go any further with what I thought she might do, which was asking why I refused to go on a date like a normal guy would. Many ladies have asked me that before and that was what I thought she might do. I tried to brace myself up for what I thought would follow.

But it was a pleasurable memorable surprise that followed next. I didn’t know when she stopped in front of me, all I felt was something very cold and soft in my mouth. It was her mouth; with her tongue, she rolled mine and placed it at the roof of my mouth. I felt a kind of heat and sweet sensation I never felt before in my life. It was like you are having the most pleasant sweet mint in your mouth and at the same time perceiving the best of colognes. It makes your entire being cool and serene. And just as I was beginning to enjoy it, it was gone. It was a fast smooth kiss I don’t think I will ever forget in my life. Even as I write right now I can still feel it afresh in my mouth. That simple quick kiss undid my virginity vows and the rest is history.